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Throttle response services

More often than not, bikers will go for the more powerful bikes as they tend to have better performance, not to mention how impressive they are. When considering whether a bike is powerful enough, one of the main things that you need to look at is the throttle response. This is basically a term used to define how responsive the motorcycle is to the engine’s acceleration. That is, how much time it takes to react when you accelerate your bike. If this time is high, then it is considered to have a lower throttle response, and vice versa. Here are some tips that you can use to help you improve the throttle response of your motorcycle.

Drive at Lower Gears
One of the most notable ways in which you can change the throttle response of your bike is by sticking to the lower gears. One of the most recommended is the 4th gear. This, however, may not always be possible. You may not be able to always use the extreme gears alone. Once in a while, you will be required to change gears. Nonetheless, it is worth a try as it is a very simple way in which you can improve your engine’s throttle response.
Also, the type of engine that you use has a role to play in how responsive your motorcycle will be. For instance, gasoline and petrol engines tend to have a better throttle response as compared to those that are turbocharged or supercharged.

Increase Air Intake
Another easy, as well as economical method of increasing the throttle response of your bike, is by increasing its air intake. One way in which you can achieve this is by using a mushroom head. These are simply helmets that tend to have extra padding and shell. Putting this on can lead to the air intake increasing by as much as 50 percent. An aftermarket mushroom is more specifically suitable as it offers better air filtration balance which better increases airflow. This, in turn, leads to increased performance on your bike. However, you should note that an increase in air intake brings in the disadvantage of increased fuel consumption.

Modify Your Ignition
Ignition modification may also have a role to play in increasing the throttle response of your bike. Typically, the ignition serves the purpose of generating a spark that is then used to ignite the mixture of air and fuel that is found in the engine’s cylinder. The ignition is made up of several components and how they work will depend on the igniters control angle.

If the igniters control angle is a bit small, the best thing to do would be to modify it. You can go for a bigger anger with a recommended one of 0-35 angle. You can also modify your spark plug into NGK or gold plated one. This will result in a finer ignition needle. This in turn provides the benefit of stronger sparks as well as a lower fuel consumption. With an increase in combustion, you can be assures of a better performance and throttle response from your engine.

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