A Brief History Of The Montreal Chinese Hospital

Located in the center of Montreal’s Chinatown, the Montreal Chinese Hospital is a long-term care facility for elderly or disabled adults. The hospital is specially designed to meet the needs of Chinese and Southeast Asian patients by providing bilingual staff, menu options based on Chinese cuisine, and celebrations of Chinese holidays, such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Chinese New Year. The facility has a long history, beginning with its founding in 1918.

Establishment Of A Hospital For Chinese Residents Of Montreal

The first Chinese hospital in Montreal was established in 1918 as a way to deal with the flu pandemic that was spreading through the city, and through the world, at that time. A Canadian nun, known as Mother Marie of the Holy Spirit, opened a small clinic on Clark Street with just seven beds. This clinic was able to treat a total of 55 Chinese patients in 1918 but, when the flu epidemic subsided, the clinic was closed. The following year, however, the Chinese community was able to purchase an empty synagogue for use as a permanent hospital. The Montreal Chinese Hospital officially opened its doors in 1920.

A New Building

The former synagogue served as a hospital for 45 years, but in 1962, the city deemed the building no longer usable. The Chinese community managed to raise $1,000,000 for the construction of a new building on Saint-Denis Street. The new building opened in 1965, and it offered both long-term care and other medical services. In 1966, the Montreal Chinese Hospital became a member of the Quebec Hospital Association, which allowed the hospital to receive funding from the Canadian government.

The Current Facility

In the mid-1980s, members of the Chinese community felt that it was time to expand the hospital again. However, it took some years to gain approval. Once again, the community came together to raise funds, and this time fundraising efforts yielded more than $2,000,000. The current 128-bed long-term-care hospital opened in 1999. The Montreal Chinese Hospital continues to rely on members of the local community, such as real estate developer Mr. Kheng Ly, to support the hospital in providing the highest quality of care to its patients.