Tips for Downloading Safe, Virus-free Adult Videos

Downloading adult videos from the Internet is probably the smartest way to indulge in them. After all, what are we not able to do online in this generation? But even with the convenience of downloading adult videos, the risk of malware is a reality. It’s inevitable. Fortunately, we can control our computer’s chances of getting infected just by being a responsible online consumer.

First of all, keep in mind that downloading is hardly the same as streaming. With streaming, you are watching your adult video straight from the provider’s website in real time. On the other hand, downloading is putting the file in your own hard drive. Either way, here are handy ways of staying safe while enjoying adult videos you can get online:

1. Inspect the source website.

This may seem a bit shallow, but if you download from a rather basic-looking site, you could increase the chances of a virus being hidden out there somewhere, compared to a site that looks like the work of passionate web designers.

2. Know your webmaster.

This part is usually common sense. If you’re getting your file from a popular company, such as Amazon or Windows, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get virus. If you’re looking at a site that is basically unheard of, then obviously, you should be suspicious. Check whether the file has been downloaded by others. Very importantly, read the comments. Be sharp with the cues.

3. Look at the size of the file.

Too small means it’s not what you’re looking to download. It could be junk, or yes, a little destructive chunk of virus.

4. Be alert for file extensions, such as .exe, .pif, .scr and the others.

If you download something with any of these, you could be all set for malware infection once you click the file. Always scan your video file with a malware checker just to be safe.

Safety Pointers for File Sharing

If you must use file-sharing software, make sure you pick safe software and use it correctly. Don’t dare install a file-sharing application that you haven’t checked with anti-malware software. If you can afford it, get a premium version to considerably minimize your risks of malware infection. Download the software only from an authorized reseller’s website, or better yet, from the manufacturer’s website.

Note that adult videos have become immensely more popular over the last ten years, owing to the advantages offered by technology. While you can find a lot of safe providers out there, you cannot complete rule out the possibility of ending up with a cowboy. So just before you decide to download or share adult videos, remember these tips.

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